A Tale of Two Tastemakers

Kevin Hart is famous for his hard work. Juan Domingo Beckmann is a tequila maker who is known for innovating, defying expectations, and setting new standards. Their love of tequila brought them together, and their pursuit of perfection brought Gran Coramino to the rest of us.



A Partnership Long in the Making

Juan Beckmann leads the most awarded tequila company in the world. His family has produced tequila from the same agave fields for 11 generations. He’s a natural partner for Kevin Hart, a tequila connoisseur known for his love for his family and community. They’re setting a new standard for tequila. And they’re sharing their successes far and wide.



Fueling Success

Every purchase of Gran Coramino helps put resources in the hands of aspiring entrepreneurs from under-represented groups in the US and Mexico, in continuation of our founders’ mission to give back to their communities. We donate $1 for every bottle of Gran Coramino we sell to support the limitless potential of new business people and their communities.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Bringing big dreams to life is hard work. That’s why we’re proud to be teaming up with a range of nonprofit and foundation partners to help support small businesses and entrepreneurs in the US and Tequila, Mexico. With funding from our $1 per-bottle Gran Coramino giveback program, we aim to bring critical financial resources and learning opportunities to Black and Latinx small business owners and entrepreneurs, communities that have historically been excluded from opportunities and lacked access to resources. We are proud to be teaming up with our inaugural nonprofit and foundation partners, LISC and the Beckmann Foundation, to lead these programs in 2022 and 2023 to deliver impact.

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About LISC

LISC is a nonprofit organization that drives resources to underinvested places and people working to access opportunities everyone deserves. For more than 40 years, LISC has worked with communities and partners to help close systemic gaps in health, wealth and opportunity and to advance racial equity. With deep roots in 38 urban areas and hundreds of rural counties in the United States, LISC leads the newly launched Coramino Fund and is uniquely positioned to connect entrepreneurs and small businesses with the resources and opportunities they need to grow and thrive.

About The Beckmann Foundation

Established in 1998 by Mexican tequila maker and philanthropist Juan Francisco Beckmann, The Beckmann Foundation is committed to the development and advancement of the community of Tequila, Mexico by providing programming and resources that support education, culture, sustainability, public health and entrepreneurship. The Foundation’s Social Innovation program offers aspiring regional entrepreneurs the opportunity to access a team of graduate and undergraduate students and their advisors from the ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara, for business strategy, product design and brand support. The Beckmann Foundation giveback program plans to launch in Spring 2023.

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